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Transplant Staff
New York State Department of Health Updates
Extended Criteria Liver Transplant

The NYCLT and DOH continue their collaborative efforts to increase the availability of organs to NYS patients.  In our most recent project, NYCLT has provided each liver transplant surgeon in the state with a tablet PC with WiFi and 3G service for 24/7 access, allowing a high resolution image of the liver to be delivered directly to the decision-maker for each liver offer made. NYCLT contributed in-kind to provide each OPO with similar devices. Each OPO has agreed to have their procurement staff image livers at the time of procurements.

In collaboration with the New York Organ Donor Network, this project is currently being modified to provide a portal for OPOs across the nation to offer their expedited placement livers to all of the NYS transplant programs simultaneously, and will allow for those livers to be shared according to the regional list.  A 3-month pilot of this project is anticipated to begin in late Summer.

Current Liver Transplant Data

The first New York State Living Liver Donor Data Report was produced using UNOS data in November 2005 and delivered to DOH in January 2006.  The most recent New York State Living Liver Donor Data Report was delivered to DOH in April 2015.

The Annual Staff Report summarizing the Center’s activities for the year was presented to the NYCLT Board of Directors at their Annual meeting in November 2014.


UNOS Updates

Region 9 Review Board (RRB)

The RRB met recently to review and discuss UNOS policy changes. With the help of the NYCLT Clinical Policy Committee, the RRB approved an HHC Downstaging Protocol and HHC Exception Narrative documents.

UNOS Contract for Data Collection

The Center has worked with UNOS to obtain access to center-specific transplant data, including living donor data. This process eliminates the need for NYS liver transplant programs to report large amounts of data to both entities, reducing the use of staff time and resources for data submission requirements at the state and federal levels.

Regional Disparities in Liver Allocation

The Center continues to campaign against the geographic disparities in liver distribution in t he US. NYCLT sent UNOS Liver-Intestine Committie a letter in response to the forum held June 22, 2015 urging them to accelerate their efforts to reduce the geographic disparities in access to liver transplantation.