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COVID-19 NYS Transplant Recipient Data Report - Following the March 11 WHO Declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic the New York Center for Liver Transplantation, in collaboration with the NYCTC and NYKidney, have been collecting data related to COVID-19 in NYS transplant recipients. Click here to view the most current data.

Are you a living donor? We would like to know about your life after donation. Sign-up here for periodic surveys regarding your quality of life. How much do you know about living liver donation? Take our interactive quiz and find out. donate life
Transplant Professionals – Submit data here with our convenient and easy forms! Also, get local and national updates regarding liver transplantation. You will need a password to access this page… small donate Learn all about liver transplants here. donate Fill out a Donor Contact Form.
  NYCLT Completes Grant: Increasing Liver Donation through Peer-Developed Education. Click here for more information.